Equipment leasing - one of the most convenient ways to update and build fixed assets of the enterprise for     compared with other methods of acquiring equipment (payment upon delivery, delayed purchase, or     by installments of payment, bank loan, loan, etc.) and has a number of significant advantages:

  •         Leasing of equipment enables the lessee to expand production and establish equipment maintenance without large one-time costs and the need to attract borrowed funds.     
  •         The purchase of equipment on lease is a form of distribution of financial funds, since it allows to significantly reduce the tax base by optimizing tax deductions.     
  •         Equipment purchased on lease, other things being equal, is capable of independently covering all         leasing payments and bring profit to the company in the first periods of operation.     
  • The payback period of new leasing equipment is two times less than its useful life, taking into account         accelerated depreciation rate.     


Interest rate 22% per annum;

Down payment of at least 30% of the base cost of the leased asset;

Administrative fee 5%;

The period from 12 to 36 months after the expiration of the lease term, subject to the fulfillment by the Lessee of all obligations,     the ownership of the leased asset passes to the Lessee;

Documents for application

For legal entities

  • Copies of the memorandum of association, the charter of the enterprise with all additions and changes and certificate         registration         (GUVOXNOMA);     
  • Copy of licenses or other permits, if any;
  • Copies of the passport, protocol and order on the appointment of the head of the enterprise;
  • Copies of the passport and the order on the appointment of the chief accountant of the enterprise;
  • Balance sheet of an enterprise (form 1), statement of financial results (form 2) for the last financial year;
  • Certificate from the servicing bank about the availability of a current account, about the turnover of the current account (summarized in general         amounts for each month for the last 12 months), the state of the file cabinet-2, the absence or presence of a loan         debt, as well as a copy of the signature sample card;     
  • A copy of the lease or cadastre of real estate where the company operates;
  • Documents / information on the proposed leased asset;
  • Copies of existing loan and borrowing agreements;

If necessary, the Company may request other documents for consideration of the leasing transaction. The above information provides basic information about leasing operations with equipment. The specific conditions for concluding leasing transactions are reviewed and approved in each individual case.

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