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About company

ORIENT INVEST GROUP LLC leasing company operating under the ORIENT LEASING ™ trademark was founded in 2017 year. The company is a universal leasing company and holds a leading position in the leasing market Uzbekistan services. The company is financing projects in the real economy to facilitate renewal, modernization & nbsp; and the expansion of legal fixed assets, and also offers a wide range of leasing services for individuals. Based on the development trends of leasing in Uzbekistan, the company seeks to become a balanced multi-disciplinary universal company with a wide geography of activity. Leasing Our company’s services are in demand among enterprises developing business rationally. We help such organizations as quickly as possible to implement their plans. Working with us, you do not just solve the problem of updating fixed assets, you get a reliable partner for business development Priorities in leasing company portfolio - deals with small businesses and individuals.

By providing professional leasing services, we strive to provide our:

  • Customers —convenient, long-term, reliable relationships, expandability and production updates taking into account each individual characteristics to increase their efficiency activities.
  • shareholders — steady increase in investment capital, growth in market value                 the company and its brand recognition throughout Uzbekistan.
  • Employees — conditions for career and professional growth, their disclosure                 intellectual potential, providing guaranteed income growth, in accordance with the contribution                 everyone.
  • Partners — mutually beneficial cooperation in joint leasing projects,                 ensuring the development of their business and expanding the circle of customers mutually beneficial cooperation in                 joint leasing projects, ensuring the development of their business and expanding the circle of customers.


Supervisory Board

Anvarov Mirzailhom Rafikovich

Representative of supervisory board

Usmanova Barnoxon Ismailkho'jayeva

Representative of supervisory board

Khojimurodov Anvarjon Soyibjonovich

Representative of supervisory board


Gulomkhojaev Ziyodulla Anvarovich


Kurbanaliyev Abdukahhor Ravshanaliyevich

Rakhmatullaev Sirojiddin Khusan ugli


Company's mission

The Company's mission is to develop business based on the principles of Islamic finance nationwide and with             using the full potential of the company, to maximize the reputation of Uzbek entrepreneurship by             international financial arena.

Constantly and relentlessly following our mission, we:

  • We actively participate in the development of the real sector of the country's economy, increasing competitiveness and                 business performance of Uzbek companies through the provision of high-quality leasing services
  • We carry out leasing projects on the best terms with the provision of a full range of financial lease services                 (leasing) in Uzbekistan
  • constantly improving our legal, economic and financial culture as a result                 strict adherence to the law, timely and complete fulfillment of obligations to shareholders,                 customers and partners
  • We provide a solid foundation for our customers and partners to make the right management decisions in                 financial sector
  • we offer the most optimal conditions for concluding and financing transactions, taking into account all the features                 each client and partner, carefully approaching the assessment and minimization of risks of participants in leasing transactions
  • We provide comprehensive assistance in providing leasing projects and form long-term partnership                 relationships conducive to the development of our customers' business
  • constantly accumulate our professional experience, knowledge, using the most advanced financial                 technology and automation system for managing business processes of the company

Vacancies and Internships

Internship at ORIENT LEASING is an opportunity to put into practice the acquired theoretical knowledge, in stages             get acquainted with the work of a leasing company and the activities of a particular unit

Often an internship involves part-time employment and is provided in the form of undergraduate practice.             The duration of the internship depends on its goals and objectives. We flexibly approach the terms of the internship and its             practical content so that you can completely immerse yourself in the specifics of the industry and the chosen direction             work.

If you are a graduate student or a graduate and would like to start a career in a leasing company, you have             the opportunity to undergo a pre-graduate internship at Orient Invest Group LLC. Possible internship areas:             financial analysis of projects on the appropriateness of financing, credit, and operational risks, planning, and control. Send your resume to the email address:info@orientleasing.uz and perhaps you will be given such a chance.

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